How learning a new language can benefit you

12Tired of mediocrity? Tired of being limited to one personality? Learn a new language because learning a new language can help you succeed in your dreams of becoming a bit different from the crowd. Plus for a little showing-off to let people know how sophisticated you are (even though you are pronouncing Bacheofe wrong). Here’s how learning a new language can benefit you:

1. It helps you become smarter:

The brains of bilingual people work differently than that of the speakers of only one language. Speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of your brain. Moreover, it can help you communicate in a different language which however improves your communicating skills and problem solving skills too!

2. Late Alzheimer’s arrival:

Studies have found that the onset of Alzheimer’s is reduced by 4.5 years among the bilingual speakers. So make sure you learn it so that you don’t forget your grandkids’ names. (Just kidding).

3. Improvement of memory:

The brain’s muscles get better with exercises. Learning a new language is no less than an exercise. You need to memorize the rules of the vocabulary of the language that you’re learning. Moreover, you can shift between personalities being bilingual. So that’s ultimately an exercise for your brain muscles. Studies show that bilingual speakers are better at memorizing lists, direction and names. Who knows – it may help you recalling the list your mom gave you for buying household items once you’ve lost it on the way.

4. You get better at observing:

Tired of being observed for your disheveled demeanor by the surroundings? Well, learning a new language can help you become more perceptive and get back to your observers with more precise perception. You can further get more adept in focusing on relevant issues rather than the irrelevant ones.

5. College applications:

The admission officers mainly look for productivity. If it’s not a mediocre one, you are good to go. Learning a new language adds more value to your acceptance rate because not everyone is involved in learning a new language. If you are a bilingual speaker, it adds some weight to your application. Moreover they appreciate your will to get a taste of different culture and it can induce in them your conception of Global Citizenship.

6. It improves your decision making skills:

According to studies, bilingual speakers tend to make more rational decisions than the monolingual speakers. They are more confident with their choices. The subtle implications in a language’s vocabulary can subconsciously influence your judgement capability.

7. It helps to improve your English:

Learning a foreign language helps you understand the mechanics of a language. You can be more aware of the structure of sentences and manipulate it correctly

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