An Amnesic Soul’s Guide to learn the Periodic Table



We often get worked up by the name of periodic table. Personally, whenever I heard of it during the initial stage I was somewhat afraid to memorize the whole table which I later realized as of then, memorizing the table wasn’t necessary. However, after a night’s exhaustive study, I fabricated an eerie way to memorize the periodic table. But, I had to cede before the lanthanide and actinide series as I couldn’t devise any better way to memorize those. However, I hope the guide which I designed (of the 7 periods and 18 groups) fit in your nerves well. If you read this article for once, you might not grasp permanently what you learn here, so it’s my request that once you read this article thoroughly, jot down the symbols I used and derive the elements from those likewise and afterwards, design the periodic table on your own. I’m sure then you won’t have to struggle to find an element by using formulas.


First of all, you know about the alkaline metals of group 1:- Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr.

Secondly, the halogen metals of group 17:- F, Cl , Br, I ,At


18 groups=18 lanes

7 periods= 7 houses

Think of the 18 groups as 18 lanes and the 7 periods as the houses within the lanes. Lane 1 consists of 7 houses. Lane 2 consists of 6. Likewise, lane 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 consists of 6 houses and lane 18 consists of 7. However lane 3-12 consists of four houses each.

On first lane, name the houses according to the Alkali metals, i.e Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr. But at first add Hydrogen to the list. i.e. H ,Li , Na , K ,Rb ,Cs, Fr.

On the second lane, name the houses as such; BeMg, CaSr, BaRA. This pairing is just to make it easy for you to recall. However, if you break the pairs, the houses would be namely; Be, Mg,Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra.

On the third lane, visualize the houses combined as an astronomy facility called ‘ScYLaAc’. Now break it to three separate houses namely Sc(Scandium), Y(Yitrium), La(Lanthanum), Ac(Actinium).

Consider the houses on the fourth lane as Hermione Granger’s new spell ‘teezer hufruf’. Pardon me, I know that sounds weird but you have to learn the spell to memorize it. Then again break this spell to the houses namely Ti,Zr,Hf,Rf. See? That spell made it easy to remember the elements.

While entering the fifth lane, remember two lines, ‘Veronica’s NoteBook’ and Tammy is Diabetic’. Afterwards, you can easily memorize the elements derived from the sentences as V (Vanadium) ,Nb( Niobium) Ta (Tantalum), Db (Dubnium).

As of the 6th and 7th lane, just memorize the abbreviations CMWS and MTRB. Moreover, keep some letters (ro_g) and (nceh) for lane 6 and 7. Afterwards, think of it as an addition, serially. Like, the letters in the first bracket will be added to lane 6 i.e CMWS and thus it would be Cr,Mo,W and Sg. Here in the first bracket the symbol _ means with the 3rd letter of abbreviation CMWS no other letter would be added as it had been with C,M and S. Ultimately, the houses of lane 6 would be, Cr (Chromium), Mo(Molybdenum), W( Tungsten ) and Sg(Seaborgium)

Similarly for lane 7, keep some letters (nceh) and add it serially to the abbreviation MTRB. Henceforth, the houses of lane 7 would be Mn(Manganese), Tc(Technetium), Re(Rhenium), Bh(Bohrium)

On lane 8, you have to come across a new word namely ‘FeRuOs Hs’ and further break it to Fe (Iron), Ru( Ruthenium) Os (Osmium) and Hs(Hassium).

While entering lane 9, envision that you are going to read a novel called ‘Colonel Rhodium’s Irish Merit.’ I am aware that sounds weird, still WE HAVE TO LEARN, REMEMBER? From the name, you can derive the elements Co from colonel, Rh from rhodium, Ir from Irish, Mt from Merit. Likewise, the elements found would be Co, Rh, Ir, Mt. (cobalt, rhodium, iridium and meitnerium).

Think of lane 10 as a police department called ‘NPPD’ and similar to the method of lane 6 and 7, add (idts) to the department name NPPD serially and thus the elements we get are Ni, Pd, Pt, Ds (nickel, palladium, platinum, darmstadium)

Lane 11 consists of a Cuban restaurant called ‘ CuAgAuRg’. If you dissect the name, you can find the elements Cu, Ag, Au and Rg (copper, silver, gold and roentgenium)

Combining the houses of lane 12, imagine this one as a virus called ‘ZCHC’ and similar to the technique of group 6 and 7 add (ndgn) to the abbreviation ZCHC serially and hence we get, Zn, Cd, Hg and Cn.(zinc, cadmium, mercury and copernicium)

For lane 13 remember two words, BAG and ITU( intensive thallium unit). From BAG we get, B, Al, Ga and from ITU we get, In, Ti and Uut. Overall from lane 13 the elements, B, Al, Ga, In, Ti, Uut are derived. (boron, aluminium, gallium, indium thallium and ununtrim)

When in lane 14, constantly remind yourself a breaking news you saw yesterday ‘ Cecy germinated teen leadership flare.’ Here from Cecy we get, C, Si and from germinated we get Ge ( germanium). We can construe teen as tin (Sn). Likewise from leadership we get Lead(Pb) and from flare we get Fl(flerovium).

Lane 15 is a university called NPASBU. Here in the abbreviation from the 3rd letter serially add s,b, I,up and ultimately we can get the elements N, P, As, Sb, Bi, Uuup (nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony bismuth, ununpentium)

Lane 16 is a secret code namely ‘ OSSTPL’. To decipher it you have to add e,e,o,v serially from the 3rd letter of the abbreviation and hence we can get the elements, O, S, Se,Te, Po,Lv (oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, polonium and livermovium)

Lane 17 is the collection of houses named after the halogen metals, F,CL,Br,I,At. Just add 1 more house to the list and it is Uus.

Repeat the line for lane 18,

‘He never Argues.’

‘Kr, Xe and Rn formed a band called Uuo”

Hence from the sentences we can derive the elements He, Ne, Ar(from the first sentence),Kr, Xe,Rn and Uuo(from the 2nd sentence) and these are also inert gases. So, it’s an easy reminder.

Here, arrange the atomic numbers from hydrogen of group 1 and helium of group 2 as second. Likewise, Li(3),Be(4),B(5) and so on. After perusing the write-up, make sure that you arrange the periodic table accordingly and read it at least 5 times so that it fits in your brain like that Nutella on your bread.

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