Greetings. So with a hot cup of coffee and shivering hands, I am writing some ‘piece of advice’ about what you should do if you have Bengali exam the next morning.

First of all let’s categorize the different type(s) of candidates we usually deal with.

Category 1 : “The সবজান্তা’s ”




They are the ones whom you can call ছোটখাটো ভাষাবিদ । (Language expert).They know almost everything i.e. every Bengali words with their English meaning and vice versa (even the word কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ়’ doesn’t affect them much). And in case of essays? I’ll give you a treat if you can find a single mistake or misinformation in their writing.

Well “The সবজান্তা’s” can chill with a cup of coffee or share memes on Facebook the night before while revising their ‘worth million dollars’ note copy a few times. Scanning it with eyes will do.




Category 2: “The tube lights”



They are the ‘average’ students who is not a pro but is not going to submit a blank paper either. They might not know what উত্তপ্ত means but can surely guess it has to do something with ‘heat’. For them, you can put a status in facebook saying ‘ Kal jiboner shesh bangla exam dibo. I hope khali khata na diye ashi. Feeling hopeful with Tuntuni Adrita and 15 others’ and can check the notification at hourly intervels. Beside this,  go through all the notes (word meanings/ translations/ essays) twice. Take a glance at the mistakes you did previously, if possible practice them again. If you are not confident about your writings you may take a look at the essay books or the internet for examples. Most importantly, don’t panic.



Category 3: মৃত্যুপথের যাত্রী’s 



Candidates of this category have no idea how are they going to survive the 3 hours of exam. Because they think ‘কেউ আমার পকেট মেরে দিয়েছে’ means ‘Someone has beaten my pocket’.  To you, first of all switch off your phone, put it inside a locker and give the key to your mom. The simplest way of saving your tomorrow is to memorize. Take the Question paper, mark the common and unique words (from 2011 till latest) and try to remember their meanings. (even if by memorizing) In case of essays, read a whole lot of essays from the internet or utilize your creativity to its maximum. Write one or two essays of different types for practice. (but if you’re at the final hour then  go for Descriptive and narrative type of essays only) Practice doing translations. Don’t just ‘scan the papers with naked eye’ read it, understand it and then try to attempt it.  Oh and yes, most importantly, try not to shoot or hang yourself.



Category -4 : ‘‘সব পারি’s’’




They are the ones whom I have allergy with. The best they can do is ‘show off’ and scare every other living being on earth with their over confident look. They pretend like only ‘uncool’ people revise Bengali the night before and examination board should feel honoured by their presence. To them, you can tweet, whatsapp or even add a story on snapchat writing ‘chilling’ because I know you are pro, maybe smarter than the ‘সবজান্তা’s’. Then if you have time revise the word meanings once or twice. Re-read the যুগান্তকারী রচনা’s you have written. Go through the solution paper as well. Most importantly, Don’t knock/text/call any ‘tube-light or মৃত্যুপথের যাত্রীcandidates to scare and kill them.


*Despite this, candidates of all the categories must revise the format of letter, proverbs, re-check and re-write the spellings and then post queries/problems/anything you want to know about Bengali in our NC group.*

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